About us


Good day and THANK YOU for stopping by.

I’m Sonja Walker. Nice to meet you!

I’m the lady running Captured Photography in South Africa and  Europe. 

It all started off when I was about ten years old when I first got hold of a camera on a field trip. 
I only have one picture of myself as a baby and nothing thereafter till I was about 10 years old. Growing up there were no pictures hanging on walls to look at and remember moments.
I only have memories of my childhood. 
It made me developed an obsession to capture every second of every moment just so I could treasure it forever. I felt that it would help me build a story for myself. 
After school, I could not afford to study photography as everything was mostly still film and very expensive. I worked as a sports manager and later went into Cosmetology. Still not being very happy I stumbled myself into the offices of a publishing house. Wow!!! The graphic designer changed my life. (because he had a camera) I often then ran his chores and offered to go shoot the products for the adverts. I was over the moon and when he told me to further myself into photography, that is just what I did.

That was the happiest day of my life.

Since 2011  Captured Photography has grown into an international brand of 6 photographers. We currently offer our services in South Africa and Europe.